My Perfect Rug!


I have tried so many rugs in this house and and eventually pulled them all up. This little ranch house is a busy place. From the high traffic of film crews to the paw prints, add in the dusty rural location and everything stacks up to this household having zero area rugs on the floor.

I love area rugs, they help ground areas of the home add needed texture or color and coziness. In the bedroom specifically we have wood-like tile floors from the previous owner. Never having the budget initially to pull them up besides the fact that we were living in the house during construction and retreated to the two tiled bedrooms. The thought now of removing that tile now weighs on my mind,(wanting to continue the light wood) but I just couldn't do that to my family, my dogs, and my wallet!

Desperate for coziness and the feeling of a little jewel of a space I tried two different wool rugs, also light in color. Noticeably, after just a few weeks I could see them catching every speck of dirt. In fact so much that I was having to get them professionally cleaned one a month and that adds up fast. AND they seemed to catch MORE dirt after they were cleaned for some reason, maybe residual cleaning product?

The solution for me was investing in the Annie Selke Rope Rug. I chose this rug because of the indoor/outdoor material it's made of, 100% Polypropylene. Finally, a light colored rug with the most beautiful woven texture that's tough enough for this household. It's washable, scrubbable, bleachable, water resistant. It can be spot cleaned, or even hosed off, now that's a tough rug!

I squeezed the 8.5' by 11' into our small scale bedroom and we love the element of luxury it added.

Now if I can make a sofa out of it!

Check out this rug and other indoor/outdoor options on their site here they offer the best selection if indoor outdoor rugs I've seen and this on has a two toned option I was debating as well!