What's a SMEG? Why a SMEG? Why would someone downsize their fridge? I can hear your concerns and questions loud and clear, and somehow you clicked on this little post to get some answers!

So when we moved in, like many people we didn't want to go thru the efforts of moving our super old fridge from the prior house to the new one. With a stack of remodeling projects ahead we went to the nearest store and bought a refrigerator on the fly out of necessity and not really knowing how our kitchen project was going to turn out. We decided to wrap the stainless fridge with some barn doors to warm it up and disguise it a bit. 

Three years later, I knew it was time to get that side of the kitchen up to speed with the rest of the unique space and being that I loved the aesthetic of SMEG refrigerators it was bound to happen.

I measured about 47 times, knowing it was a bit taller and a lot narrower then our current fridge. In fact, the new SMEG holds half the amount of food that the old fridge did! My husband thought I was crazy!

The reality was this;
there's only two of us 90% of the time
I grocery shop often for fresh foods
I don't freeze many things and we were guilty of only using about half the space of the old fridge anyway.

So it was a win win!!

It has been a fantastic addition to our kitchen, we love the way it feels in the space and have adjusted to it well. Yes, when we have a party we will have to resort to the small fridge in guest house for overflow, but for us it was a sacrifice we were ok with. Since the ice/water dispenser broke on the last fridge we were already accustomed to not having that connivence as well. Another element we had to figure out was how to balance this new slim addition to this fairly large kitchen space. The bulk of the last fridge made the new one feel a bit lonely. We decided to build a pantry out of the barn doors that once hugged the old fridge. Our space between the SMEG and the split unit a/c was limited. We stepped it back a bit, made it a bit shorter and felt it was a warm transition into the kitchen area. I love the juxtaposed surfaces and texture and now it feels more visually complete on this side of the kitchen. Plus we gained more usable storage then the fridge storage we didn't utilize before.


So if your thinking about a SMEG I hope these tips have help you to determine that it's a good fit for your space, on the SMEG site here you'll see all the color and size options available. Go to the dealer locator on the site to see one in person, and West Elm carries some options as well here.