A Section of a Sectional from Pottery Barn!


When it came time to change up a seating area of our open concept home, I knew it would have to be multi purpose and comfortable. We needed a weekend landing spot, a place to have breakfast or use a laptop. Basically, an area to replace the dining nook we had previously in the space but decided to move into our guest house.

Photo Courtesy Country Living by Victoria Pearson

That magazine cover worthy nook was as cute as could be, held some overflow storage and definitely evolved over the years. But it was lacking comfort all along.
Starting with a blank slate, and being limited in space presented some challenges with the scale of most soft furnishings on the market. That's when it was time to think out of the box as I knew I'd have to do something custom or alter something existing. Little did I know that Pottery Barn Apartment would have a perfect piece that would suit our space!

Photo Courtesy Pottery Barn Apartment

 SoMa Sectional Photo Courtesy Pottery Barn Apartment

Shown here in it's fully intended glory, the SoMa Brady Slope Arm Sectional collection had just what I needed the comfort plus the compact size and best of all a washable slipcover! No other armless sofa or sectional component I could find offered all these features I had been looking for. A dining bench didn't allow the comfort and most chairs were overall too bulky for the space.

The compact size was a score, at only 34" deep it leaves ample room rather then most depths of 40" or more. Now granted this collection is meant to have end or corner pieces like a typical sectional. But I love doing things out of the ordinary, so when I saw how the components have a clicking/locking mechanism to hold them together I knew it would be perfect. The one thing I had to do, ( if you choose to do this to!) is to use some velcro underneath the 3 seat cushions to make sure they dont shift. It was not a huge issue, but being that the unit is supposed to have support on either side, I knew there could be hiccups! Another result of not having sides is that a portion of the seat cushion zipper is exposed. Both of these issues were not really issues to me since finding this compact size slipcovered piece was the missing puzzle piece I needed for the space. 


I paired the armless sofa with a taller custom coffee table and ottoman underneath. Now we have that comfy spot to read, put our feet up in front of the fire or have a meal.

It worked out so well for us, I decided to treat out Airbnb guests to a two seater adjacent the TV in our guest house. The white slipcovers have that light and airy feeling that complement both spaces!

Our Guest House Airbnb 

Thank you Pottery Barn for designing a collection for the needs of smaller spaces that many of us have and struggle with always perfecting that proper scale.
You can see more of their collection here!